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  • New Shoreline Pussy

    Shoreline Pussy

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    Mischievous Kitty "Shoreline PussyJB is scoping ladies at the beach when he spots one hot sexy plumper who looks like she could use a big manly hand to rub some oil on her back. Mischievous Kitty is a little turned off at first, she just wanted to enjoy t

  • Popular Lisa Lee Makes a Porno

    Lisa Lee Makes a Porno

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    We picked up newcomer Lisa Lee at the airport to come hang out with us before her first porn scene. She found out about us online and heard we are doing nude modeling and was interested, so we decided to give her a shot. She wasted no time trying to find

  • Popular Dark Meat for Lila

    Dark Meat for Lila

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  • Popular Tony Loves Bunny

    Tony Loves Bunny

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    We've got a whole lot of thick ass for you this week on Plumper Pass. The lovely Bunny De La Cruz joined us again to show off all her amazing curves and she did not disappoint. She had on an outfit that barely held in her massive jugs and her huge lusciou

  • Popular Fuck The Flu Away

    Fuck The Flu Away

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    Roobi Royal,Fuck The Flu AwayJuan is sick in bed, and the only thing that can cure what ails him is a little good old fashioned TLC. Good thing sexy nurse Roobi Royal is on hand to keep his sexual fantasies alive. In a skimpy, tight, red dress, watch as R

  • Popular Jetski Jiggling

    Jetski Jiggling

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    Harmony White-Jetski JigglingWe were heading out to the beach to ride some jet skis with JB Rodeo when we saw Harmony White just hanging out. We sent JB to spark up a conversation. She tells him how she was trying to relax but was bored out of her mind, s

  • Porno with Brogan

    Porno with Brogan

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    Busty Brogan "Porno with BroganBusty Brogan is horrified when she sees the mess her son had left in the living room. She can´t handle this type of mess from him. Angrily, she starts cleaning up the pigsty and that´s when she stumbles upon his

  • Twice the Kox

    Twice the Kox

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    Kendra Kox,Twice the KoxKendra and Juan's marriage has hit a rough patch. Things have gotten so bad that the unhappy couple has hired a marriage therapist, Asante. As they describe their marriage to Asante, he can picture the couple arguing, treating each

  • Popular Dickin' You Interview

    Dickin' You Interview

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    JB was out when he noticed a damsel in distress on the other side of the road; she seemed a little lost. Concerned, he approached this busty babe who let him know her name was Naia Bee and how she has job interview but can´t seem to find the locatio

  • Popular Fill Er' Up

    Fill Er' Up

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    Lila Lovely can't seem to figure out how to get this air pump working so she can fill her tires. Luckily Tony just happened to be cruising with his "big tool" ready help her out! Once he gets her tires pumped she invites him back to her house for some cle

  • Popular Hands On Selah

    Hands On Selah

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    Selah Rain is in desperate need of a massage, so she calls one of those in-home massage services. Her masseur, Wayne Wonder, starts her off slowly with a nice oily back rub, and then throws in a foot rub for good measure. Once she's loosened up a little,

  • Popular Boat Riding Risa

    Boat Riding Risa

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    Risa Chacon was in town for the weekend, so we went to say what´s up. Sean Lawless was taking Risa on a boat ride and invited us to tag along with them. The weather was really hot, the margaritas were really cold, and Risa was really horny so her go

  • Horny for Homeless

    Horny for Homeless

    by Admin Added 735 Views / 0 Likes

    Busty Brogan is walking home one afternoon when she spots an old friend sleeping on the street. Brogan feels sorry for the poor guy and brings him in to feed him and clean him up. Then Brogan starts to think about how the guy can repay her for her kindnes

  • Popular Medical Assistant for Redd

    Medical Assistant for Redd

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    Dippd N´ Redd made an appointment with the doctor because her tits have been feeling different. Next thing you know doctor Juan and his partner doctor John had a dick in her pussy, and a cock in her mouth. No amount of dick was enough for Dippd N&ac

  • Wet & Oily Kox

    Wet & Oily Kox

    by Admin Added 899 Views / 0 Likes

    If you're into voluptuous women, and like them even better when their ass and tits are slick and shiny, you've come to the right place. Kendra Kox´s got a huge juicy ass and tits and she has been waiting for a hung dude like JMac to show her just ho

  • Popular Big Titty Step Sister

    Big Titty Step Sister

    by Admin Added 4,307 Views / 0 Likes

    Sean and Milly haven't been step-silbings for very long, but there's already a load of sexual tension between them. After Milly catches Sean starring at her jugs during breakfast she makes her move. This playful encounter soon turns into a game of show an

  • Popular 2 Dicks for Freedom

    2 Dicks for Freedom

    by Admin Added 1,918 Views / 0 Likes

    Officers Juan and John are master negotiators because they´re not afraid to break or bend the rules. So, when Jazmin Torres gets brought in for questioning in regards the death of her ex-boyfriend, they send in the best of the best to get some answe

  • Addickted to Nova Cane

    Addickted to Nova Cane

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    Who wouldn´t want to get wet with the gorgeous Nova Cane? The smoking hot BBW babe tells us all about mermaid life, teases us with her voluptuous figure and gets her pussy pounded while rocking a sexy, sultry look. You´ll never look at a merma

  • Popular Chubby Chats

    Chubby Chats

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    When John comes home one day he finds Sapphire half naked, rubbing her big tits on a webcam, he can hardly believe his eyes. But then he has an idea, fucking via webcam could make them both a lot more money. So, Sapphire sucks, strokes, and titty fucks Jo

  • Popular Dick Dipping In Red

    Dick Dipping In Red

    by Admin Added 3,664 Views / 0 Likes

    Dippd N´ Redd has just had a horrible day at work. She doesn't want to drive home in traffic, so he calls a lift service. And guess who shows up to take her home comfortably and stress-free. None other than Joey Bones. Not only does he get her home

  • Spank My Ass

    Spank My Ass

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    Serenity Up In Smoke came to us dressed in tight mini dress with her tits hanging out. We made her undress for us and play around with those gorgeous juggs, we then made her remove her dress and noticed she has a fucking hot ass too. Now she is standing i

  • Popular Big Banging Game Girl

    Big Banging Game Girl

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    Sean gets home from work one evening and sees that his girlfriend, Harmony White, is still playing video games. She´s in the same position and in the same clothes he left her in when he left for work that morning. Sean complains of having a rough da

  • Popular I Won't Tell If You Don't

    I Won't Tell If You Don't

    by Admin Added 2,024 Views / 0 Likes

    OK if you do not like this ass, then there must be something wrong with you. Look at this huge thing, amazing shape, crazy bounce, makes you want to take a bite. Anyways we got the butt and we got John Long in and he could not believe his eyes, he worship

  • Popular Late Night Cock Ride

    Late Night Cock Ride

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    Large boobs, and fiery red hair make Kamille Amora a prime porn star specimen to fuck, and Jack knows it. When he finds her horny, and hungry for some cock, he's happy to give it to her. She makes her way back to his place and in minutes her clothes are o

  • Popular Boss Banging

    Boss Banging

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    Somehow Sean got a job in sales with no sales experience, so it doesn't take very long for Sean to rack up some of the worst sales numbers in company history, but just when Charlotte is ready to fire him, he shows off some of his best qualifications for t

  • Popular Sun's Out Buns Out

    Sun's Out Buns Out

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    Alycia Starr was hanging out at the beach, enjoying the hot sun when she realized she needed to lotion herself up so she doesn´t burn. Being the good Samaritan that he is, Juan decided to do what he could to help Alycia out. Next thing you know she&

  • Popular Give Me A Double!

    Give Me A Double!

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    WOW! Cotton Candi is back! This big, busty ebony MILF is so damn hot! In this scene, this SSBBW called two young guys over to fuck her brains out. Without any hesitation, they started teasing her and playing with her huge massive melons! Believe me guys,

  • Popular Thick Ruby Massage

    Thick Ruby Massage

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    Ruby is stressed out, and the tightness is concentrated particularly on her lower back. She attends to a massage session for some relief. John, the masseur, understands what kind of a full body massage Ruby needs and as a courtesy he provides a really tho

  • Popular Anal Handywork

    Anal Handywork

    by Admin Added 2,535 Views / 0 Likes

    Selah Rain returns to Plumper Pass looking as sexy as ever, dressed in her tight fitting leopard dress and heels. In this update she plays a stay at home single mother that gets her son´s friend to help her with some handy work. She is used to tools

  • Meeting a Mermaid

    Meeting a Mermaid

    by Admin Added 797 Views / 0 Likes

    Lonely seaman Juan is longing for his true love when he comes across a mermaid lying on the shore. She grants him one wish. Next thing you know, Juan is getting his dick sucked and Nova is getting her pussy pounded. You´ll never look at a mermaid th

  • Colombian Thick

    Colombian Thick

    by Admin Added 943 Views / 0 Likes

    Mae Quira teases her man in some sexy lingerie. Being watched and then having her big fake tits praised makes her extra horny. One thing leads to another and next thing you know she has her mouth wrapped around his cock. She loves nothing more than gettin

  • So Fresh and So Big

    So Fresh and So Big

    by Admin Added 719 Views / 0 Likes

    Victoria Secret was really in need of a shower but unfortunately her plumbing was not working properly so she decided to call up a plumber. Mr. John Long, plumber extraordinaire showed up and fixed the problem in no time. Victoria figured that all that wo