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Search Results: "belly play"

  • Popular Plumper Pass-Park Plumpin

    Plumper Pass-Park Plumpin

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    We went to the park today in search of a hot sexy plumper. We just so happen to bump into Alexxxis Allure who was sitting on a bench all by her lonesome. So we decided to see if she wanted to hang out with our man Tony D. and maybe have a little fun in th

  • Popular Plumper Pass-Supersized Cuckold

    Plumper Pass-Supersized Cuckold

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    Super-sized BBW beauty Eliza Allure is sick and tired of fucking her husband because he has a small penis. So to save their marriage, Eliza calls up her friend Rome Major and has him come over to fuck the living day lights out of her with his big black co

  • Popular Plumper Pass-Lost And Pound

    Plumper Pass-Lost And Pound

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    BBW dream Emma Baily is in ruins when her dog runs out of the house. She searches everywhere for it but has no such luck. Good thing her neighbor, Tony, was there to help her out. Once they were out looking for the dog together, Tony made his move on Emma

  • Popular Plumper Pass-Fight Night

    Plumper Pass-Fight Night

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    What an amazing day to have a threesome. The night started with Tony and T. Stone trying to watch the big fight. Unfortunately the channel wasn't coming in so they decided to give Christy Live a call. The evening quickly turned into a fuck party. Christy

  • Popular Plumper Pass-BBW Pussy for your Future

    Plumper Pass-BBW Pussy for your Future

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    Julia Sands is reading Tarzan's tarrot cards. He needs help in his love life. The sexy big breasted Julia is going to make these cards read out some hot and fun for them to do. Julia performs her hot seduction dance and releases those tits on Tarzan's fac

  • Popular Plumper Pass-After School Threesome

    Plumper Pass-After School Threesome

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    Betty Bang and Tarzan are stuck in detention but both are incredibly horny and unable to focus. So when the teacher, Tiffany Blake, has her back turned, Betty starts stroking on Tarzan´s dick. Then when she has to leave for a minute they start fucki

  • Popular Plumper Pass-Pool Guy Pounding

    Plumper Pass-Pool Guy Pounding

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    Virgo Peridot is a hot, big booty housewife with an appetite for cock. Her husband isn't able to satisfy her horny habits, nor can her dildo, but what he doesn´t realize she has her eye on their pool guy. Unfortunately she is unable to pay him for h

  • Popular Plumper Pass-PAWG Poolside Pounding

    Plumper Pass-PAWG Poolside Pounding

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    Tiffany Star is a teenage plumper babe, on vacation, looking to unwind for a few days. She rented a gorgeous house where she will get all the privacy she needs to do whatever she wants. However when she gets out by the pool, she finds Brad already loungin

  • Popular Plumper Pass-Oil Assistance

    Plumper Pass-Oil Assistance

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    Emma Bailey is back! Today we have her on set with our photographer. After getting into her bikini and her makeup done we starts snapping away some pictures. During the shoot, Tarzan, our assistant, is mesmerized by how hot Emma is looking today and let's

  • Popular Plumper Pass-My Step-Dad Is Hot

    Plumper Pass-My Step-Dad Is Hot

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    When Christy Live started talking about how hot her new step-dad is, and how he must have the biggest, nicest cock, she stars getting turned on. Tony randomly overheard Christy explaining about what a hot piece of ass is now living with her and her mom, a

  • Popular Plumper Pass-Sex Therapy With Kimmie Kaboom

    Plumper Pass-Sex Therapy With Kimmie Kaboom

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    Tony is having trouble in intimate situations with his girlfriend so he decides to make an appointment with Kimmie Kaboom, a sex therapist with a unique technique in bringing people out of their shells. Luckily she's a great therapist, and ready to do any

  • Popular Plumper Pass-Unload My Trunk

    Plumper Pass-Unload My Trunk

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    Asante was chilling in front of his house minding his own business when he noticed Victoria Secret unloading her car with groceries. Asante went in for a closer look and to his surprise it was one of his favorite BBW models. After briefly catching up and

  • Popular Plumper Pass-Bubble Bath BBW Banging

    Plumper Pass-Bubble Bath BBW Banging

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    Sara Star is a dirty BBW who loves getting clean. She strips down and soaps up her massive tits and perfect ass before she dildos herself in the tub. Never one to pass up a big cock, Peta treats Juan to a sloppy blowjob followed by wet and wild plumper se

  • Popular Plumper Pass-Police Plumpin

    Plumper Pass-Police Plumpin

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    Officer Tony catches Karla driving recklessly through a residential area. She begs him to look the other way since she's reached her destination. She's been in such a hurry that she forgot her license and registration as well. Tony pulls her out of the ca

  • Popular Plumper Pass-Thick Chick Massage

    Plumper Pass-Thick Chick Massage

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    Juan Largo just got into a fight with his girlfriend, Chevy Cobain. He has to got to work and Chevy just wants him to stay at home, but Juan has an idea to make this up. He gets a friend to cover for him while he gives Chevy hot and sexy massage. He drops

  • Popular Plumper Pass-Book Club

    Plumper Pass-Book Club

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    Veronica Vaughn is a busty housewife just relaxing one afternoon enjoying an erotic novel, but before she knows it the sexy story is making her nipples hard and her tight BBW pussy dripping wet. She pulls out her favorite toy and starts playing with herse

  • Popular Plumper Pass-Make-Up Sex

    Plumper Pass-Make-Up Sex

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    Ramon may be in a smokin' hot marriage with lots of BBW sex, but he's feeling a little restless. The action was enough for a while, but recently he's been craving some new pussy. Unfortunately his boo, the lovely SSBBW ebony queen Cotton Candi, catches hi

  • Popular Plumper Pass-Savana Blue And A Black Cock

    Plumper Pass-Savana Blue And A Black Cock

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    What we have here today is chubby vixen Savana Blue and she's about to go on a first date. But before she heads out, she has a few questions for Asante. Asante is a pro dater and he gives her a few tips for a successful evening. He even fucks, twists, tur

  • Popular Plumper Pass-Love In This Tub

    Plumper Pass-Love In This Tub

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    Mandy Majestic was in a bubble bath, luxuriating in the tub as she soaped up her big BBW tits. She started to fantasize about big black cock. In her dream state Mandy dreamt of Shane Diesels big huge black cock which she sucked with more skill and gusto t