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Search Results: "car"

  • Popular A day in paris

    A day in paris

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    Alec stopped to grab a drink at a gas station when a petite sexy girl named Paris came up to his car. She was trying to call about a job offer, and her phone just died. Alec had just what she needed, a charger and another potential job. Paris was new to t

  • Popular CumLouder-Giant boobs from Tarragona

    CumLouder-Giant boobs from Tarragona

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  • Popular Oral Service

    Oral Service

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    Alec went to apply for a job and saw the super sexy, Charli, standing outside. She had a distraught look on her face, so Alec asked her what's up. Apparently her boyfriend forgot to pick her up and hadn't been answering his cellphone. Alec decided to ditc

  • Popular Hot Gabriela

    Hot Gabriela

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    The hunter spotted a super sexy MILF from his car and had to go talk to her. It was awkward at first with the camera in her face, but Gabriela eventually became comfortable with it. After some negotiation, she flashed him her sweet jugs and opened her leg

  • Popular Squat On That Cock

    Squat On That Cock

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    Evan and Mirko came up with the great idea to pose as personal trainers to pick-up chicks. Harley answered the ad they posted. They were pleasantly surprised when this sexy Latina rolled up. They got back to the place and couldn't take their eyes off of H

  • Popular Juicy Jeny

    Juicy Jeny

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    Peter walked by Jeny and couldn’t stop himself from trying to start up a conversation. She was a sexy Latina that was cute and had a petite, firm, toned body. Jeny took the bait, and he invited her out for coffee while the iron was hot. At that mome

  • Popular Sophie Special

    Sophie Special

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    I found myself a really hot tall girl last week just walking home all alone. It turned out she was broke and living with some loser ex-boyfriend who was sleeping on her couch. I convinced her to hop in my car for a ride. She was not wearing a bra, and I c

  • Popular Hot for Hazel

    Hot for Hazel

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    Hazel was bummed out that she couldn’t purchase a new computer. She was moping around outside the store when Tyler pulled up. He noticed her from a far and had to check her out. Turned out she was Asian, and what man doesn’t crave a little Asi

  • Popular Holiday Hottie

    Holiday Hottie

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    Tyler was at the Christmas tree spot looking for a nice one. He noticed this beautiful Latina with a juicy body. Tyler began talking to her, and Selena told him that she couldn’t afford to get the tree she wanted. He had the idea of getting her that

  • Popular Bare deanna

    Bare deanna

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    Romeo was out cruising again when a sexy Latina caught his eye. Deanna was venting to her girlfriend about her boy not giving her the money she needed to get her school books. Romeo knew opportunity when he saw it. Next thing we knew, Deanna was riding al

  • Popular Taste of pleasure

    Taste of pleasure

    by Admin Added 2,229 Views / 0 Likes

    Kasey was sitting on a bus bench waiting for the bus to take her to an interview. She needed money desperately, and Romeo cruised by and saw she was looking good. He stopped to chat her up and thought she might be willing to service his needs since she ne

  • Popular Tight lipped

    Tight lipped

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    I just finished donating my ex-girlfriends clothes, and I noticed this cutie talking on the phone. I began talking to her, and she explained that her mom just kicked her out of the house. Her name was Lilly, and she had nowhere to stay. I offered her a ri

  • Popular Waxing the trunk

    Waxing the trunk

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    We went to just get the car washed, but ended up with so much more. After being greeted by the gorgeous Latina Cristiane at the front desk, she pointed us in the right direction to go. As we drove in, she greeted us again, but this time, she was in a biki

  • Popular Sexy Sucker

    Sexy Sucker

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    Kattie went to get a new tattoo. She had money to spend and thought she’d have enough to live off of after her tattoo. Sadly, she was wrong. The tattoo spent all the dough and she left the shop feeling screwed. Just then, Romeo was rolling by and sa

  • Popular StreetBlowJobs - Juicy jay

    StreetBlowJobs - Juicy jay

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    Alec pulled into a gas station to fill his tires with air and ended up getting a lot more. Jay was a cute, innocent-looking blonde that came up to his car and in an obviously troubled state begged for him to help her get her car back. She claims that the

  • Popular StreetBlowJobs - Tongue tactic

    StreetBlowJobs - Tongue tactic

    by Admin Added 4,754 Views / 0 Likes

    Alyssa was taking her lunch break at the park the other day when Jmac spotted her. He noticed her big tits and pretty face and had too say, hello. Alyssa was friendly enough to him but told him she had a boyfriend. This didn't stop J from pursuing Alyssa'