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Search Results: "Charles Dera"

  • Popular Lost and Pound

    Lost and Pound

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    When Reagan goes out to get the morning paper, she finds a lost cellphone at the end of her driveway. She tries to browse through to find the owner of the phone, but comes across some dick pics in the process. Charles is relieved to find out his phone has

  • Popular Sex Shop Hop

    Sex Shop Hop

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    Insatiable brunette slut-in-a-rut Vienna Black needs to get herself stuffed, so she steps into a miniskirt and heads to the sex shop to pick up some new toys… and maybe meet some new boys! This sexy squirter doesn’t mind putting on a show, tr

  • Popular Erotic Art

    Erotic Art

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    Jaye Summers goes to her art class where she's in for a treat! This week, the students get to draw a live nude model who turns out to be none other than Charles Dera! Horny Jaye can’t keep her eyes off him, especially after he takes off his bathrobe

  • Popular Plowing The Wedding Planner

    Plowing The Wedding Planner

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    Charles Dera and his bridezilla-to-be are meeting with their wedding planner, sexy young professional Lena Paul. Charles’ fiancé is terribly threatened by Lena – maybe that’s because she looks incredible in her miniskirt and glass

  • Popular Hard Day At Work

    Hard Day At Work

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    Charles is hard at work scrubbing the bathroom, when Giselle and Honey stop in to freshen up. Listening to tunes, Charles doesn't realize he has company until he sees Honey changing through a hole in the stall door. He can't help but slip his hard cock th

  • Popular Growth Spurt

    Growth Spurt

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    Karlee visits Dr. Dera for her annual checkup and he gives her a clean bill of health. But Karlee has a concern; her tits won't stop growing! Dr. Dera goes in for a closer look and concludes there's only one thing that can be done with titties like Karlee

  • Popular My Professor Thinks I'm Perfect

    My Professor Thinks I'm Perfect

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    Bullied by the bitches at school, Ella breaks down and cries. Professor Dera consoles Ella and she tells him she's a freak because her tits don't fit in any of her shirts. Professor Dera teaches Ella how much fun big tits can be at school!

  • Popular Fantasy Massage-I Need a Masseuse

    Fantasy Massage-I Need a Masseuse

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    When Luna Star walks into her appointment, she's surprised to find Charles Dera there instead of her masseuse. When she asks what happened to Maria, Charles informs her that she couldn't make it as she had a family emergency to tend to. Luna gets immediat

  • The Supremely Subservient, Ella Nova

    The Supremely Subservient, Ella Nova

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    With a stocking over her head and a blindfold covering her eyes, the beautiful submissive, Ella Nova is on her knees, arms stretched and tied at the wrist and thighs with rope to two vertical pipes. James Mogul flogs her back and ass as he comes up with a

  • Popular Working Out With The Kings

    Working Out With The Kings

    by Admin Added 11k Views / 0 Likes

    Jenna Foxx has come a long way from Canada, bringing her 36D titties along to shake up the Fort Lauderdale beach. When this sexy ebony gets active, her ass could distract anybody, especially when she jogs and does her yoga – even the tide rolls in t

  • Popular The Wolf Within: A DP XXX Parody

    The Wolf Within: A DP XXX Parody

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    After yet another battle, Jean Grey and Cyclops have a celebration fuck, only Jean is left unsatisfied. Luckily, Wolverine can smell her pussy a mile away, and arrives just in time to make Jean cum!

  • Popular Hole In One

    Hole In One

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    Jojo goes by her friend's house and her friend's dad, Charles, answers the door. Charles tells Jojo his daughter will be home soon and offers to let her wait inside. Jojo hangs out in her friend's bedroom, but she soon grows bored. Jojo sneaks into Charle

  • Popular The Mile Low Club

    The Mile Low Club

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    Charles is hustling in the airport lobby trying to drum up some massage business. When he sees Alix walk by, he offers her the special airline employee discount to reel her in. Alix is looking to relax, and knows exactly what she needs. After Charles star

  • Popular Bending And Tending

    Bending And Tending

    by Admin Added 8,415 Views / 0 Likes

    Moriah Mills is getting ready for a luau party she’s hosting at her place. She’s outside on her patio, putting the finishing touch to the party decorations when Charles Dera arrives with a flower delivery for the party. The delivery man can&rs

  • Popular Die Hardcore: Part 2 (A XXX Parody)

    Die Hardcore: Part 2 (A XXX Parody)

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    Markus and his crew are demanding Brazzers passwords in exchange for hostages, but getting that info isn't so easy. Especially when martial arts-trained Mia is taunting them over their walkie talkies. Markus sends Charles to find her, but when he tracks h

  • Popular Convertible Squirters

    Convertible Squirters

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    Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to two of the hottest pornstars in the industry: Ashley Adams and Jenna Foxx! Come spend the day with these two sluts as they take the streets of Miami by storm! We meet up with these busty beauties on the

  • Popular Fixing For A Fuck

    Fixing For A Fuck

    by Admin Added 11.1k Views / 0 Likes

    Stephanie, a bored, rich, mob boss’ daughter, is always up for a little bit of trouble, especially if it involves fucking her father’s business associates. After dear old dad calls up Charles, his go-to fixer, to clean up one of his many mob-r

  • Popular Stocks and Bonds-age

    Stocks and Bonds-age

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    Karma is a high powered investment banker by day and a submissive kitten by night. All she wants is to give up control and have a man use her body in every which way. To spice things up, she places a personal ad involving a challenge offering herself up a

  • Popular Rachel Starr Housewife 1 on 1

    Rachel Starr Housewife 1 on 1

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    Synopsis: Now that she’ll be home more, your wife Rachel Starr is ready to please her man! To celebrate her not working much anymore, she’s donning some sexy lingerie that makes her ass pop, right in your face. You’ve been dying for that

  • Popular The Exxxceptions: Episode 2

    The Exxxceptions: Episode 2

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    Feeling super-charged after a giant blowbang facial, Cali patrols the apocalyptic streets in her new role as a superhero slut. When she spies Aaliyah being followed by a frantic mob of horny men, she steps in to tell Aaliyah the truth about the reason she

  • Popular Wedding Belles

    Wedding Belles

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    Best friends Abby and Casey are planning the perfect double wedding – except their hungry pussies keep getting in the way. From male strippers to the boyfriend’s best friend, old flames and new cocks keep springing up. While the girls try to k

  • Popular Drying Off

    Drying Off

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    I was at the hotel, chilling by the pool, when I saw this hot blonde vixen, Aspen Romanoff, strutting around in a tiny blue bikini. She was lounging on a chair, minding her business, when a hotel employee approached her. I couldn’t hear what they we

  • Popular Pick and Choose 2

    Pick and Choose 2

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    It’s day two on the orchard for Nikki who’s just a dreamer working her way across the country. Day one was spent picking up fruit and the farmer’s son. Today, Nikki gets back to work but it’s not long before she’s falling int

  • Popular Anissa Kate My Girlfriend's Busty Friend

    Anissa Kate My Girlfriend's Busty Friend

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    Synopsis: Same time every day! Charles’s girlfriend is working hours late tonight, which makes him ecstatic because he’ll have extra time to perv on her busty French friend Anissa Kate, who suns in the nude at the same hour every single day! B

  • Popular Karlee Grey Naughty America

    Karlee Grey Naughty America

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    Synopsis: Boo(bs)! it’s Halloween and Karlee Grey’s so scared her big tits are jumping out of her costume! The kitty’s exhausted from the party she and her boyfriend Charles threw; so much so that it seems her mind’s playing tricks

  • Popular Tasting The Trophy Wife

    Tasting The Trophy Wife

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    Casey's got a sweet summer gig taking care of the neighbors' pool. It might sound dull, but this pool is where hot housewife Nicolette Shea spends all day tanning her incredible body. Casey has been staring at Nicolette all summer and can't believe it whe

  • Popular Nuru Massage-Shiva Lingam

    Nuru Massage-Shiva Lingam

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    Yogi master masseur Charles Dera treats his client Jennifer Jacobs who suffers from anxiety. When the client arrives, she joins him on the yoga mats and he begins the session with 3 cleansing Oms. Following that he leads into a cleaning shower. This is th

  • Popular Big Booty Behind the Scenes

    Big Booty Behind the Scenes

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    Mandy is not your typical model, and when the photographer continuously nags her about her beautiful big ass, she decides to teach him a lesson.

  • Popular Pussy Call

    Pussy Call

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    After being followed down the street by a car full of catcallers, Lexi decides to give the guys exactly what they wished for – as expected, Lexi’s offer to fuck them on the spot is way more than they can handle. When Charles, a helpful good Sa

  • Popular Sex Potion No69

    Sex Potion No69

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    Jasmine Vega is super horny, but instead of going out to find a guy to fuck her, the mysterious beauty turns to witchcraft! Wearing only a black cloak and sexy thigh high boots, she ventures outside during the witching hour to form a candle circle. Then,

  • Popular Wife Coach

    Wife Coach

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    Keisha is freshly married and finding her new domestic role to be quite a struggle. Her sweetheart of a husband hears an advertisement for a Wife Coach and calls to order one right away. When the Wife Coach shows up the next day, it doesn’t take lon

  • Popular Brazzers House 2 Finale

    Brazzers House 2 Finale

    by Admin Added 37k Views / 0 Likes

    This is it! Nicole, Monique, Skyla, Abella and Kelsi face off in a crazy fucking contest full of surprises! Who will earn YOUR vote and be crowned the next winner of Brazzers House?