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Search Results: "Cheating"

  • Popular Anything He Desires FIRST ANAL

    Anything He Desires FIRST ANAL

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    Peta loves her boyfriend Levi, but she's always had a thing for his brother Bill. Now that she's working for Bill she's having all kinds of fantasies about him. Peta's never even thought about anal sex before, but the thought of Bill's cock buried in her

  • Popular How Do I Look?

    How Do I Look?

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    Jaclyn wants to look sexy for her husband on Valentine's Day, so she tries on different sets of lingerie to find the perfect look. What she doesn't realize is her stepson Chad is home. He spies on her as she changes, taking in that tight body and those bi

  • Popular How To Take A Load

    How To Take A Load

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    Trinity comes to her family physician to get a prescription for the pill. Dr. Blue knows that her parents would never forgive him for giving their daughter their daughter birth control, so he does what any respectable doctor would do – he teaches Tr

  • Popular Going Deep at the Superbang Party

    Going Deep at the Superbang Party

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    On the night of the biggest football game of the year, a horny housewife (Jennifer White) is craving some cock. She’s even gone as far as bodypainting herself with her favorite team’s jersey all over her big tits! Unfortunately for Jennifer, h

  • Popular Sneaky Little Slut

    Sneaky Little Slut

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    Brandy is sick of her stepdaughter Darcie always sneaking in past curfew and wearing slutty clothes that show off her big tits and round ass. But Brandy was once Darcie's age and knows exactly what Darcie is chasing after: a nice hard fucking. Who better

  • Popular I'm Not A Hooker

    I'm Not A Hooker

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    Valerie Kay is not a hooker, but she loves money. So when a mysterious stranger offers her a wad of cash to fuck her tits, she agrees. Fresh out of the shower, she wraps her big melons around his thick cock and gives him the best tittyfuck of his life. Th

  • Popular Milf Squad Vegas: Big Cock Commandeering

    Milf Squad Vegas: Big Cock Commandeering

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    Officer Ava Adams is walking her regular beat when she spots a young couple getting frisky inside their parked automobile. If there’s one thing an cop like Ava hates more than public indecency, it’s to see good cock wasted on empty-headed civi

  • Popular Living With a Girl Is Rough

    Living With a Girl Is Rough

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    Keiran Lee’s losing his patience: his new roommate, Abigail Mac, while sexy as fuck, is annoying the hell out of him with her constant bitching and complaining. All she wants is for Keiran to realize her need to be fucked nice and rough. Will Mr. Le

  • Popular Our Little Secret-Ary

    Our Little Secret-Ary

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    Another week, another secretary. The boss at a fortune five hundred company can't keep it in his pants, so imagine his delight when his new secretary Sybil not only has the goods, but is willing to whip them out and stroke his cock with them, all to secur

  • Popular Sibling Rivalry 2

    Sibling Rivalry 2

    by Admin Added 56.6k Views / 0 Likes

    Megan and Peta might be sisters, but that doesn't mean they get along. Especially when it comes to cock! These two competitive cumsluts battle it out for the dick of their helpless new stepbrother. Will he be won over by Megan's tight little bod, or will

  • Popular Don't Touch Her

    Don't Touch Her

    by Admin Added 18.3k Views / 0 Likes

    Ramon is in a miserable marriage with a woman who hates sex. Their therapist suggested spicing up their sex life by visiting a strip club together. Sexy stripper Kagney is more than happy to help the couple in the VIP room, but Ramon's wife wants nothing

  • Popular Get The Picture?

    Get The Picture?

    by Admin Added 27k Views / 0 Likes

    Alison Tyler is out of town and decides to send her husband some sexy selfies of her new lingerie. While taking those risque snaps, however, she forgets to hide the evidence that her lover, Charles Dera, is sharing the room with her! When Alison’s h

  • Popular Porn Star Therapy

    Porn Star Therapy

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    Julia Ann is a porn star on a mission: to improve the sex lives of Americans, one fuck at a time. Today's client is Jessy Jones. At first he has second thoughts about hiring the busty milf, but it's not long until Julia has him learning how to please a wo

  • Popular Hand In The Cookie Jar

    Hand In The Cookie Jar

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    Marsha May wakes up horny and wanting to fuck, but her lame boyfriend has to go to work. Bored and curious, sneaky little Marsha explores her bf's home in nothing but a bra and panties. She finds her boyfriend's dad's wallet and helps herself to his cash,

  • Popular Working Out The Wives

    Working Out The Wives

    by Admin Added 99.4k Views / 1 Likes

    With her husband at work, Summer is more than ready for a private session with her favorite yoga instructor, Keiran Lee. When he's a no-show she storms over to her neighbor August's house and catches the slut redhanded in downward dog. Keiran insists the

  • Popular My Dirty Talking Prof

    My Dirty Talking Prof

    by Admin Added 26.2k Views / 0 Likes

    Professor Audrey Bitoni could not be more irritated – her evening plans have been dashed thanks to wise ass student Jessy Jones, whom she now has to watch during after school detention. Calling her date to apologize for bailing, the horny Prof. Bito

  • Popular Room, Board and Bang

    Room, Board and Bang

    by Admin Added 30k Views / 0 Likes

    Married couple Danny D and Romi Rain D are renting a room to local college student Melissa May. At first Melissa can’t believe her luck at scoring such high-end accommodations with such a seemingly upstanding couple. It soon becomes evident, however

  • Popular Comfort Me With Cum

    Comfort Me With Cum

    by Admin Added 17.6k Views / 0 Likes

    Rachel Starr’s husband Daryl is a lazy shiftless bastard who’d rather stay home from work than provide for his beautiful wife. When Daryl’s boss Toni Ribas shows up one day looking for him, Rachel decides to teach her husband a lesson by

  • Popular Sharing A Massage

    Sharing A Massage

    by Admin Added 18.9k Views / 0 Likes

    Julia Ann and her stepdaughter Kendall Kayden are having a girl’s day at the spa. The only problem? There’s only one masseur on call. Luckily for them, Danny Mountain’s got the fastest hands around and it isn’t long before he&rsquo

  • Popular Sneaky Sauna Mama

    Sneaky Sauna Mama

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    Pete is nervous about meeting his girlfriend's mom Makayla for the first time. The sexy milf loves a good spa day so she meets the young couple in the sauna for some casual conversation and relaxation. Everything is going smoothly until Makayla makes a mo

  • Popular The Ole Switcheroo

    The Ole Switcheroo

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    Valerie loves fucking her boyfriend after class, and Professor Dera's empty classroom is the perfect place to get freaky. That is, until Professor Dera catches her in the act! Wanting to smooth things over with the handsome older man, Valerie dismisses he

  • Popular Pornstar Fantasies

    Pornstar Fantasies

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    Cherie and her friend Aaliyah are 1950s housewives who share a dirty secret: when their husbands go off to work they spend the day playing with each others pussies. First they start out with some soft kisses before Cherie takes her tongue to Aaliyah's swe

  • Popular Stroke It For Me

    Stroke It For Me

    by Admin Added 19k Views / 0 Likes

    Dr. Avluv is a true professional who likes to get intimate with her patients. When a young man needs has trouble staying hard, she has no trouble taking a hands-on approach. Her dirty mind, big tits and pretty face are all it takes to keep his cock nice a

  • Popular Her Turn To Cheat

    Her Turn To Cheat

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    Destiny's ready to settle the score with her cheating husband. She caught the doofus eating another woman's pussy, so now he has agreed to watch her suck a stranger's cock! But once Destiny gets blowing she can't help but want the big dick in her pussy to

  • Popular The Cougar Countdown

    The Cougar Countdown

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    Jasmine is bored at the new year's eve party, so she sneaks off to find some young, fresh meat. Lucky for her the host's college aged son is holed up in his room jerking off. Jasmine spots her prey and rings in the new year with a big cock and a hard, wet

  • Popular Buttfuck The Bride

    Buttfuck The Bride

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    Juelz Ventura is a hopeless romantic who wants to save herself for marriage. Johnny Castle is a sleazy wedding dress salesman who spends his days trying to bang brides to be on the eve of their big day. Horny as hell but not willing to give up the puss, J

  • Popular Disrespecting The Maid

    Disrespecting The Maid

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    Mike Mancini has no respect for his family’s maid Gia Paige. He keeps his room a mess, he leaves used condoms on the floor for her to clean, and he even flogs his trouser snake to when she’s in the room! When Giafinally threatens

  • Popular Busting More Than A Move

    Busting More Than A Move

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    Will Powers is relaxing at his girlfriend’s house, when suddenly the cougar of the den, Dana DeArmond, sinks her claws into him. She needs help moving some furniture in her bedroom. Horny as fuck since her husband left her years ago, Dana is hungry

  • Popular Knock, Knock We Want Your Cock!

    Knock, Knock We Want Your Cock!

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    Bill Bailey has one last chance to prove to his wife that he can be faithful. So when she goes away for the weekend, he’s determined not to even think of another woman while she’s gone. But when two sexy ladies arrive at the front door in the

  • Popular Teenage Cock Smoker

    Teenage Cock Smoker

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    Distraught over discovering that her daughter is a smoker, Blair Williams’ mother sends her boyfriend Brad Knight up to talk to her about quitting. Once they are alone, Brad opportunistically shows Blair that there are better things for her to put i

  • Popular An Open Minded Marriage

    An Open Minded Marriage

    by Admin Added 47.3k Views / 0 Likes

    Weddings are a timeless capsule of joy, however, for Chris Diamond it feels like a nightmare! When the newlyweds host their reception party, Chris can’t help but notice how cock hungry the female guests are for his dick! Slutty bridesmaid, Mea Malon

  • Popular The Floor Massage

    The Floor Massage

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    Danny Mountain’s fiancé has a hot niece named Kendall Kayden who is desperate for a massage, and while Danny may be engaged, he’s not the type of chap that can say no to a pretty face. Taking Kendall into the living room, Danny lays Ken