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Search Results: "couple sex"

  • Popular Game At The Moment Part 2

    Game At The Moment Part 2

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    The group of free-spirited friends who gathered for an afternoon of adult fun in the introductory installment of Andrej Lupin’s “Game at the Moment” return in “Part 2,” and this episode utilizes the now-established template.

  • Popular Sex Art-Gold Card

    Sex Art-Gold Card

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    Anna Rose — in her first performance in a Sexart erotic feature — is on a mission. Armed with the “Gold Card” that gives Andrej Lupin’s film its name, she moves purposefully from one high-end designer boutique to the next, ac

  • Popular Sex Art-Game At The Moment Part 1

    Sex Art-Game At The Moment Part 1

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    Andrej Lupin quickly establishes the premise of his series “Game at the Moment” in the opening moments of Part 1. A group of friends are engaged in a spirited session of game play. The board game they’re playing is called “69 Love

  • Popular Sex Art-Last Guest

    Sex Art-Last Guest

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    It’s a balmy evening and a group of friends — including some famous and familiar faces — are enjoying cocktails and conversation on a poolside patio. One by one the guests make their exits as the party begins to wind down. Eventually the

  • Popular Sex Art-J&J

    Sex Art-J&J

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    “J&J” is named for its two stars — Julia Roca and Juan Lucho — and is something of a lusty love story. And just as a romantic couple is composed to two separate individuals, “J&J” consists of two contrasting ele

  • Popular Sex Art-Campus Episode III-Secret Guest

    Sex Art-Campus Episode III-Secret Guest

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    Synopsis: In Episode II of Andrej Lupin’s “Campus” series Tracy Smile sizzled through a lesbian tryst with Roxy Mendez. Smile returns to headline “Campus Episode III,” but this time she’s teamed with a male — Tim

  • Popular Sex Art-Fallen

    Sex Art-Fallen

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    Raven-tressed Rosaline Rosa wanders slowly through a barren, eerily beautiful landscape. Her flowing gown flutters in the breeze, her expression somber, melancholy, downcast — emotions reflected by the doleful soundtrack. She stands on a ridge, arms

  • Popular Sex Art-Parole Parole Parole

    Sex Art-Parole Parole Parole

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    Synopsis: Don't be confused by the title of this Alis Locanta creation. "Parole Parole Parole" means "words words words" in the director's native tongue, but he's also subtitled the feature "don't say a word." When we're introduced to the stars of "Parole

  • Popular Sex Art-Lost in a Dream Volume 7

    Sex Art-Lost in a Dream Volume 7

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    Synopsis: Alis Locanta's single girl masturbation series "Lost in a Dream" is both popular and highly rated, and the format could no doubt be revisited long into the future with similarly satisfying results. And that's enough reason for this restless and

  • Popular Sex Art-Vintage Collection-Berlin

    Sex Art-Vintage Collection-Berlin

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    Andrej Lupin's nostalgic "Vintage Collection" series is not so much about a specific time or particular place, as it is an attitude, an evocative atmosphere, a certain rich flavor that adroitly engages the viewer's imagination. In "Vintage Collection &nda