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Search Results: "kissing"

  • Popular AllgirlMassage-The Columnist Client

    AllgirlMassage-The Columnist Client

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    Journalist Penny Pax is welcomed by Selena Santana, the manager at the all-girl massage and both are excited for what is yet to come. Selena shows Penny the Tokyo Fantasy room which was Selena's favorite. Penny is charmed with the theme and decided this w

  • Popular Game At The Moment Part 3

    Game At The Moment Part 3

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    More fun, more games, and more sizzling sex are all on the agenda in Part 3 of Andrej Lupin’s “Game at the Moment.” True to series form, the episode opens with a freewheeling party in progress. As part of the game they’re playing,

  • Popular Sex Art-Perceive

    Sex Art-Perceive

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    The music is somber and there’s a subtle touch of ambiguity — echoed by the film’s cryptic title — that’s introduced in the opening minutes of Andrej Lupin’s “Perceive.” Nude, her back to the camera, Chelsea

  • Popular Nuru Massage-Rub Us Both

    Nuru Massage-Rub Us Both

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    Couple Alexa Thomas and Marco Banderas are in America on vacation and would like to benefit from what the country has to offer. Marco heard through some friends that the Nuru Massage spa was a great place to start. Alexa and Marco are greeted by their mas

  • Popular Nuru Massage-Tutored by Teacher

    Nuru Massage-Tutored by Teacher

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    Tyler Dixon is one lucky dude! Destiny Dixon, a hot smoking milf also Tyler's teacher tutors him on world history. Unfortunately, Destiny has other engagements that she must attend to but promises Tyler another tutor that is just as good as her. Destiny p

  • Popular Wrapped Around My Finger

    Wrapped Around My Finger

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    Molly Jane and Damon Dice aren't a couple anymore, but you wouldn't know it from the way Molly treats him. She's constantly asking him for favors, and it's got Damon on edge. What is he getting out of all this? When she calls him over to pick up her dry-c

  • Popular AllgirlMassage-Wedding Stress

    AllgirlMassage-Wedding Stress

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    Ryan Ryans is FREAKING. OUT. The wedding is just a few weeks away and she has so much to do, and she just found out her dream dress won't even be here in time! And her fiancé isn't even around to help. It's up to her BFF Tara Morgan to calm her ner

  • Popular Sex Art-Second Chance

    Sex Art-Second Chance

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    As anyone who has been in a romantic relationship will attest, being in love with someone is wondrous, but it isn’t always easy. When we first meet Nick Ross in Andrej Lupin’s “Second Chance” it quickly becomes clear that he’

  • Popular AllgirlMassage-Braless Is Better

    AllgirlMassage-Braless Is Better

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    Jogging her way to a sexy and flawless body, Dillion Harper has a bump in the road and abruptly stops. It seems that her bra was too tight, causing poor circulation and intense pain in her chest. Dillion concerned about the pain, calls her good friend Sam

  • Popular Sex Art-Hotel Episode 1-Accommodation

    Sex Art-Hotel Episode 1-Accommodation

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    After what seems to have been an exhausting flight to Spain, followed by an aggravating ride with an argumentative taxi driver, girlfriends Chelsy Sun and Nataly Von finally reach their vacation destination. But the somewhat harried introductory moments o

  • Popular Sex Art-Unexpected Photo

    Sex Art-Unexpected Photo

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    Cristal Caitlin is strolling along a residential street one afternoon. As she passes Naomi Nevena’s home the blonde waves a greeting from the balcony and invites Cristal in for a chat over a glass of wine. It’s quite clear that the two women a

  • Popular Sex Art-Horizont II

    Sex Art-Horizont II

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    Synopsis: It’s been well over a year since Sexart director Andrej Lupin released the original “Horizont,” which starred Ariel Piper Fawn and Lorena B. Now, in “Horizont II,” the director heads back to the beach with Amarna Mi

  • Popular Sex Art-A Rainy Afternoon

    Sex Art-A Rainy Afternoon

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    Synopsis: Layla Sin and Whitney Westgate are lying on the floor listening to the soothing sound of a steady rain on their roof as Alis Locanta’s “A Rainy Afternoon” begins. Raven haired siren Sin begins to casually caress her own body, a

  • Popular Sex Art-J&J

    Sex Art-J&J

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    “J&J” is named for its two stars — Julia Roca and Juan Lucho — and is something of a lusty love story. And just as a romantic couple is composed to two separate individuals, “J&J” consists of two contrasting ele

  • Popular Sex Art-Campus Episode III-Secret Guest

    Sex Art-Campus Episode III-Secret Guest

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    Synopsis: In Episode II of Andrej Lupin’s “Campus” series Tracy Smile sizzled through a lesbian tryst with Roxy Mendez. Smile returns to headline “Campus Episode III,” but this time she’s teamed with a male — Tim

  • Popular Sex Art-Invitation

    Sex Art-Invitation

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    When we first meet Karol Lilien and Gala Brown they’re strolling the promenade in a picturesque seaside town, window shopping, and enjoying the balmy, breezy evening just like the many tourists around them. They chat and laugh as friends will, and o

  • Popular Sex Art-Rejoice

    Sex Art-Rejoice

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    Matt Ice is sitting by the pool and talking on the phone when Kiara Lord ambles up. Lord wants to play but Ice is immersed in the conversation he’s having. So Kiara begins to mercilessly tease her lover, giving him an unrequested lap dance and expos

  • Popular Sex Art-Campus Episode II - Living Here

    Sex Art-Campus Episode II - Living Here

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    Daily life at a residential college takes a turn for the torrid in Episode II of Andrej Lupin's "Campus" series. Subtitled "Living Here," the film begins with Roxy Mendez performing routine chores. She puts a load of laundry in the washing machine, then h

  • Popular Sex Art-I've Been Missing U

    Sex Art-I've Been Missing U

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    Although he has countless technical, creative, and stylistic tools at his disposal, director Alis Locanta can also craft an engaging narrative with a minimal number of ingredients. In his lesbian love story "I've Been Missing U," the title serves as the s

  • Popular Sex Art-Campus Episode I - Semester Begins

    Sex Art-Campus Episode I - Semester Begins

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    Synopsis: The hushed halls of an exclusive university provide the location for Andrej Lupin's latest series, "Campus." And while the academic setting may call to mind tedious lectures, long hours of arduous study, and stressful examinations, it becomes qu

  • Popular Sex Art-Broken

    Sex Art-Broken

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    "Happily ever after" provides the optimistic ending for fables and fairy tales. But in real life sadness is often unavoidable. Bad things happen to good people. Loving couples fall out of love. Arguments erupt. Vows are broken, and along with them, hearts

  • Popular Sex Art-Fallen

    Sex Art-Fallen

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    Raven-tressed Rosaline Rosa wanders slowly through a barren, eerily beautiful landscape. Her flowing gown flutters in the breeze, her expression somber, melancholy, downcast — emotions reflected by the doleful soundtrack. She stands on a ridge, arms

  • Popular All Girl Massage-Health Club

    All Girl Massage-Health Club

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    Poor Lexi Belle ... Her damn boss took away her super comfy plush chair at work and is forcing Lexi to sit on some ugly wooden one that hurt her back. Lexi is in so much pain that she can't even feel her own ass! But Lexi is in good hands. Lena Nicole rea

  • Popular Sex Art-Parole Parole Parole

    Sex Art-Parole Parole Parole

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    Synopsis: Don't be confused by the title of this Alis Locanta creation. "Parole Parole Parole" means "words words words" in the director's native tongue, but he's also subtitled the feature "don't say a word." When we're introduced to the stars of "Parole

  • Popular Sex Art-Skyline

    Sex Art-Skyline

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    Synopsis: Andrej Lupin's "Skyline" opens on an elegant and romantic note as Linda Sweet and Kristof Cale admire the nighttime view from the veranda of their home high in the hills. But the couple is not alone — in the background a female figure can

  • Popular Sex Art-Lost in a Dream Volume 7

    Sex Art-Lost in a Dream Volume 7

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    Synopsis: Alis Locanta's single girl masturbation series "Lost in a Dream" is both popular and highly rated, and the format could no doubt be revisited long into the future with similarly satisfying results. And that's enough reason for this restless and

  • Popular Sex Art-Just Touch Me

    Sex Art-Just Touch Me

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    Sexart's Alis Locanta likes to challenge himself by tackling complex narratives and ambitious projects. The director also likes to challenge the viewer, upending expectations and subtly toying with cinematic conventions. And his lesbian feature, "Just Tou

  • Popular Sex Art-Lost and Found

    Sex Art-Lost and Found

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    A misplaced wallet and a considerate stranger are the elements that set Andrej Lupin’s “Lost and Found” in motion. Naomi Nevena is strolling along the beach and finds a wallet. After a brief inspection she realizes that the owner lives n

  • Popular Mom's Magic Massage

    Mom's Magic Massage

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    To set up the perfect mothers days present, Abella spoke to her good friend Gracie, whose specialty is 'sensual massages'. They speak via text in the hope that Abella's step mom will take the bait and join her next week for this special mother's day prese

  • Popular Sex Art-Possessione 2

    Sex Art-Possessione 2

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    It's been nearly a year since Alis Locanta released "Possessione" and fans of the original are certain to be pleased with the sequel, "Possessione 2." Here the subject matter, the style, and even the leading man remain the same, but now Alexa Tomas takes

  • Popular Sex Art-Chef

    Sex Art-Chef

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    Frequent Andrej Lupin collaborator Qweedo Climber does double duty in "Chef." He fulfills his usual function as one of the camera operators, but he also performs in the title role, instructing four beautiful women in the culinary arts. After lessons in sl

  • Popular Sex Art-Vintage Collection-Berlin

    Sex Art-Vintage Collection-Berlin

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    Andrej Lupin's nostalgic "Vintage Collection" series is not so much about a specific time or particular place, as it is an attitude, an evocative atmosphere, a certain rich flavor that adroitly engages the viewer's imagination. In "Vintage Collection &nda