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Search Results: "Lena Paul"

  • Popular Final Exam Slam Session

    Final Exam Slam Session

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    Jessy is completely fucked for the exam, especially when the professor decides to spring a bunch of stuff he didn’t study on him. Lena on the other hand, manages to complete the test in record time. Professor asks her to look after the class while h

  • Popular Porn Logic

    Porn Logic

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    Anyone who has watched enough adult entertainment knows full well that porn logic is a special kind of logic. This April Fools, Brazzers explores the boundaries of that logic in this special scene starring Angela White, Lena Paul & Michael Vegas.

  • Popular Doggy with the Dean

    Doggy with the Dean

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    Lena has been called down to Dean Holmes' office to discuss the two Ds she received that semester. In her tiny top, she tries to use her own double Ds to get out of her bad grades. When Dean Holmes tries to resist, she suggests a new double D approach: do

  • Popular Lena Paul in My Girlfriend's Busty Friend

    Lena Paul in My Girlfriend's Busty Friend

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    Lena Paul’s excited to go to the salon and lingerie boutique with her friend … until she arrives at her house to find she’s not home! Her friend’s boyfriend Ryan tells Lena that his woman is out running errands, so Lena rings her

  • Popular Lena Paul and her big naturals triple D tits

    Lena Paul and her big naturals triple D tits

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    Lena Paul and triple D cups came by for some fun. Her tits are great, she teases us with some bouncing and getting them oiled up before she starts going wild on a cock. She gives a good sucking and tit fucking before she shoves the cock inside her. She ri

  • Popular Fantasy Massage-My Old Tutor

    Fantasy Massage-My Old Tutor

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    Masseuse Lena Paul instantly remembers her old tutor Zoey Monroe from high school when she walks into the spa. Lena was quite little when Zoey tutored her in geometry and hung out with her big sister. Zoey barely recognizes the sexy woman she used to teac

  • Popular Lena Paul In My Friend's Hot Girl

    Lena Paul In My Friend's Hot Girl

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    Show your tits! Show your tits! Lena Paul has no problem doing that, even to her boyfriend’s buddy, Johnny! He’s over at her house to pick her up and head out to a Mardi Gras party that her dumb-ass boyfriend didn’t want to go to! That&r

  • Popular Passio HD-Flashing and Splashing

    Passio HD-Flashing and Splashing

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  • Popular My Horny Stepsister

    My Horny Stepsister

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    Lena Paul is lazily playing with her phone on the bed when Bill Bailey arrives to talk about some relationship issues. She's always been a warm and open listener, and when she makes her move, Bill cannot resist. She pulls up her skirt to reveal a wet puss

  • Popular Lubed-Shower Freak

    Lubed-Shower Freak

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  • Popular Lena Paul POV, Naturally Busty And Naturally Naughty

    Lena Paul POV, Naturally Busty And Naturally Naughty

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  • Popular The New Girl: Part 3

    The New Girl: Part 3

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    Lauren Phillips and her big tits have risen to the top of the corporate ladder. She's now an executive and while her boobs have given her a newfound confidence at the work place, Ms. Phillips can’t help but notice the shy Lena Paul is now Danny D&rs

  • Popular Touching Lena

    Touching Lena

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    Danny has been Lena's massage therapist for a few months now, and he's always managed to remain professional... but today she wants him to massage her tits. Danny tries to play it cool, but he can't help but get hard as he squeezes his client's big natura

  • Popular Lena Gets Her Groove Back

    Lena Gets Her Groove Back

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    Lena has recently got divorced and at last she is single again. She still feels sad but her best friend Angela is around to keep her spirits up. Lately, she has been hooking up with a hot guy she has recently met. Angela has always been taught to share an

  • Popular A Brazzers Christmas Special: Part 4

    A Brazzers Christmas Special: Part 4

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    Christmas morning is supposed to be a time for family and holiday cheer, but Lena can't stop thinking about all sexual escapades she's witnessed and taken part in at her boyfriend's parents around. Unfortunately for Lena, her snooping around hasn't gone u

  • Popular A Brazzers Christmas Special: Part 2

    A Brazzers Christmas Special: Part 2

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    Still shaken up after witnessing her boyfriend's mom Alexis secretly fuck her stepson Tyler the night before, Lena tries to collect her thoughts in the shower. She is soon interrupted by her boyfriend's nympho sister Jillian, who hops into the shower and

  • Popular DP Star 3 Audition Episode 3

    DP Star 3 Audition Episode 3

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  • Popular Lena Paul has the plumber clean her pipes

    Lena Paul has the plumber clean her pipes

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    Lena Paul is a bored daddies girl stuck at home while being incredibly horny. She has a little game she plays when stuck at home alone like this. A scheme if you will. She's trying to get unsuspecting hot guys to come by the apartment so she can fuck them

  • Popular HardX-Natural Wonders

    HardX-Natural Wonders

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    Yes, they are real! Lena Paul brings her epic natural 32 DDD breasts to Hard X for her very first time. In her tiny leopard print bikini, she sways back and forth in a seductive poolside tease before heading inside to put her fantastic funbags to work! In

  • Popular Sister's Loss is my Gain Sister's Loss is my Gain

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    Lena’s sister just broke up with her boyfriend. He cheated on her constantly and she couldn’t stand it anymore. When she asks Lena to collect her things from his house, he immediately starts flirting with her. After offering her a drink, they

  • Popular Revenge is a Dish Best Served Black

    Revenge is a Dish Best Served Black

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    Lena has been married for two years and a few months ago she found out that her husband has been having an affair. She feels so humiliated and wants nothing more than to punish him for what he has done. She invites over a hot guy she has met at the gym an

  • Popular Lena Paul Makes a Sextape

    Lena Paul Makes a Sextape

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    Lena Paul came home from jogging to find her man playing with a new camera. Of course he couldn’t resist using it to film her getting ready for her shower. Who wouldn’t want footage of her gorgeous all natural body? Luckily for us, she wasn&rs

  • Popular Lust For Lena

    Lust For Lena

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    Quinn got a nice little present for Lenas birthday and she was pleasantly surprised. She gave her a box full of sexy goodies that included some lube, a dildo, and a camera. Quinn wanted to make a sex tape and show Lena a good time. Lena was instantly turn

  • Popular Eat It Out

    Eat It Out

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    Lena and Alex had an entire apartment to themselves and had nothing but fucking on the mind. Lena waisted no time in getting her fine ass over to Alex to make out and grab some ass. It was not long before Lena was tongue deep in Alexs wet pussy. From ther

  • Popular Natural Gal Gets Paid for Blowjob

    Natural Gal Gets Paid for Blowjob

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  • Popular Caught In The Shower

    Caught In The Shower

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    Lena Paul was barely dressed when she was checking out the fridge. Nathan Red got upset. If only his dad knew how she dressed. Lena ignored this weirdo and went to have a shower. The hot water caressed her body while her fantasies went wild and her finger

  • Popular Trimmed Housewife Blows Stepson

    Trimmed Housewife Blows Stepson

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  • Popular Plumber Lays Pipe for Nude Client

    Plumber Lays Pipe for Nude Client

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  • Popular Lusty lena

    Lusty lena

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    Lena Paul was talking frankly about some of her sexual preferences and she showed us how she likes to masturbate. Her most gorgeous boobs were as impressive as in her previous updates. When Brick Danger walked in he was admiring every little bit of Lena's

  • Popular My hot boss

    My hot boss

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    Lena Paul was upset! JMac's company messed up the finishing of the floor. Now he was 20 minutes late. Instead of taking her seriously he kept staring at her breasts. When she confronted him about it JMac said frankly he wanted those tits. And guess what?

  • Popular Choose your poison

    Choose your poison

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    We had the beautiful and sexy Lena join us recently to show of her amazing curves and she did not disappoint one bit. She started off by strutting around showing off her moves and bouncing her amazing natural tits all around. It was just a matter of time

  • Popular Cumming lena

    Cumming lena

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    Beautiful Lena Paul was playing happily at the beach. When she came home Brannon Rhodes rubbed her big tits with baby oil. In return she gave him a blowjob. The most seductive parts of Lena are her big naturals. They felt so good wrapped around his cock,