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Search Results: "Samantha Hayes"

  • Popular Break In

    Break In

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    Samantha Hayes,Pervs On PatrolDOWNLOAD FULL VIDEOPOV, Sex, Masturbation, Feet, Fetish, Deep Throat, IndoorsBreak InSamantha Hayes’s boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend! But when her BFF’s roommate Alex Legend catches her robbing her

  • Popular Getting Over Him & Under Her

    Getting Over Him & Under Her

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    Sabrina Rouge, Samantha Hayes ,Girls Gone PinkLesbian, Sex, 69, Pussy Licking, Scissoring, Pussy Fingering, AmateurGetting Over Him & Under HerSamantha Hayes’ best friend, Sabrina Rouge, got dumped by her loser boyfriend, so she decides to help

  • Popular GirlsWay-Lesbalien Abduction

    GirlsWay-Lesbalien Abduction

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    Scarlett Sage is a reporter for a local newspaper. She's looking for a big scoop when she stumbles upon a resident who got abducted by aliens. When she sees that she's not only located in the same state but is running for Congress, she knows she's on to s

  • Popular My Family Pies- Cinco De Pie O

    My Family Pies- Cinco De Pie O

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    Anya Olsen and her stepbrother Logan Long are putting up Cinco de Mayo decorations with the help of their parents and Anya's friend Samantha Hayes. Samantha ribs Anya for wearing no panties beneath her miniskirt, then starts stroking Logan's stiffie to pr

  • Popular Samantha Hayes My Friend's Hot Girl

    Samantha Hayes My Friend's Hot Girl

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    Synopsis: Bros before blows from your friend’s hot girl? Not if she’s deepthroating! At least that’s Tyler’s M.O. when he chases down his buddy’s gf Samantha Hayes after a huge blowout with her and her now ex-man occurred in

  • Popular While The Boss is Away

    While The Boss is Away

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    Jenna Sativa and Samantha Hayes are in bed sleeping. When Jenna's alarm goes off and she sees the time on her phone, she panics realizing how late she is for work. When her girlfriend Samantha reminds her that she's the boss and can go in whenever she wan

  • Popular GirlsWay-Babysitting the Brat

    GirlsWay-Babysitting the Brat

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    When Chloe Cherry storms into the bedroom, Samantha Hayes wonders why her girlfriend looks so stressed out. Chloe explains that her stepsister, Lily Rader, has gotten into some trouble and their parents grounded her. Chloe and Samantha were supposed to ha

  • Popular GirlsWay-Peer Pressure: The Sharing Sisters

    GirlsWay-Peer Pressure: The Sharing Sisters

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    Samantha Hayes and Khloe Kapri are sitting on a bed wondering what to do with the rest of their afternoon. Khloe has an idea but it's a little naughty. When Jenna asks what it is, Khloe responds that perhaps they could have a little fun with some sensory

  • Popular St. Paddy's Pussy Pounding

    St. Paddy's Pussy Pounding

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    With her friend taking a nap after a wild Saint Paddy's Day, Samantha Hayes has free rein to get her tits out and suck her best friend's boyfriend's huge cock! Samantha gets her tight pussy stretched, right next to her sleeping friend!

  • Popular Fantasy Massage-My Daughter's Secret Job: Part Two

    Fantasy Massage-My Daughter's Secret Job: Part Two

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    When MILF Mindy Mink busts her eighteen year old step daughter Samantha Hayes at her secret job giving massages, she blackmails the teen into giving her the 'schoolgirl special' but Samantha turns the tables on Mindy by recording the entire session and th

  • Popular Fantasy Massage-My Daughter's Secret Job: Part One

    Fantasy Massage-My Daughter's Secret Job: Part One

    by Admin Added 4,632 Views / 0 Likes

    Teen masseuse Samantha Hayes is prepping for her next client when her step mother Mindy Mink saunters in. Samantha's back is facing the entrance so she mistakes her step mom for her client and announces in a cutesy voice that she's ready to give her the '

  • Popular Mommys Girl-The Family Portrait

    Mommys Girl-The Family Portrait

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    Planning the perfect surprise present for her husband, Tanya Tate books photographer Brett Rossi to shoot a family portrait of Tanya with her step daughter Samantha Hayes. They like twins in matching black dresses with ringlets in their long flowing hair.

  • Popular Mommys Girl-Subliminal Parenting

    Mommys Girl-Subliminal Parenting

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    Spoiled brat Samantha Hayes promises that she will never be friends with her new step mother Mindi Mink. Mindi, being a hypnotherapist tries a new method called subliminal messaging on her daughters phone which displays key words so fast that only the sub

  • Popular Girlsway-Clairvoyance: Part Three

    Girlsway-Clairvoyance: Part Three

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    Dahlia and Samantha have finally made it to Utah to the site of the convergence of the three natural lines of power where Charlotte is trapped between worlds. Dahlia casts the circle with candles, making sure to warn Samantha that the circle is a powerful

  • Popular GirlsWay-Clairvoyance: Part Two

    GirlsWay-Clairvoyance: Part Two

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    Dahlia's story about Charlotte and the binding spell leaves Samantha dumbfounded. Sure, she sees ghosts but to believe that magic exists is beyond her ability. Dahlia is eager to show the hypocrite Samantha that Magic is real, so instead of battling over

  • Popular Beautiful Wife Shared with Black Man

    Beautiful Wife Shared with Black Man

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    Hot wife Samantha has been happily married to her husband for around a year. She has a fantastic lifestyle and they are both very sexually open. When Samantha has sex with a hot black guy, she phones her husband with all the sexy details and delivers them

  • Popular Badass Chick on her Knees

    Badass Chick on her Knees

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  • Popular Conservative Student's Wild Side

    Conservative Student's Wild Side

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  • Popular Samantha Hayes In My Sister's Hot Friend

    Samantha Hayes In My Sister's Hot Friend

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    Samantha Hayes and her friend's brother, Levi, start making out at a party. Things start getting a little more naughty so they sneak off to the bedroom where the real fun begins.

  • Popular Two Teens at Once

    Two Teens at Once

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  • Popular Early To Rise

    Early To Rise

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  • Popular Passion HD-Laundry Day

    Passion HD-Laundry Day

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  • Popular A Tingle in Your Body

    A Tingle in Your Body

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    When Madi Meadows's girlfriend walked in and joined her in the shower, things got wet and wild in a hurry. The girls started fooling around, kissing deeply on the mouth and fanning the flames of desire for hot lesbian sex. After getting out, Samantha buri

  • Popular Morning Pussy

    Morning Pussy

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  • Popular Teachers 2-Scene-5

    Teachers 2-Scene-5

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    Young and horny freshman, Mindy, and the Professor have already had their naughty affair but this time he’s requested her to spy on their rival university, and discover their secret to academic success. She accepts in hopes he’ll leave his wif

  • Popular Silky Skin

    Silky Skin

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    Description: From the moment Madi got her lover in her camera's sights, and told Samantha to pull down her shirt and show her beautiful perky breasts, the sexual tension was all too real. How could Madi resist touching Samantha's body, or grabbing her rou

  • Popular Samantha Hayes in I Have a Wife

    Samantha Hayes in I Have a Wife

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    Samantha Hayes has the the handyman come over to see what he can do with her back yard, but she's really more interested in what he can do to her sweet pussy.

  • Popular Samantha Hayes in Naughty Bookworms

    Samantha Hayes in Naughty Bookworms

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    Samantha Hayes is really hoping to get into a full class and she is willing to do anything to get into it, even if that means sucking and fucking the professor.