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Search Results: "School Fantasies"

  • Popular Homeroom Rump

    Homeroom Rump

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    Jenna Ivory isn't your typical public educator. She's a naughty professor with a bad attitude and a slutty disposition. Unfortunately for her Dean Mick Blue doesn't take kindly to whores on his faculty. That's because Mick is old school. If Jenna won't re

  • Popular Horny Schoolgirl Selfies

    Horny Schoolgirl Selfies

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    Jenna's a bad girl. She's landed herself in detention with Ms. Jade, but that doesn't stop her from taking nudes to send to her boyfriend. When Ms. Jade confiscates her phone Jenna asks if she can go to the ladies room, then sneaks off to call her boyfrie

  • Popular Fucking Clueless

    Fucking Clueless

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    A rich and popular schoolgirl, Kenzie Taylor, is visited by her ex-stepbrother, Xander Corvus, who teaches her a lesson in being a selfish brat. Kenzie learns what gets a guy's attention: showing off some skin and seducing him with her lips! Kenzie learns

  • Popular College Freshman Goes Wild

    College Freshman Goes Wild

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  • Popular The Masturbating Teacher

    The Masturbating Teacher

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    Stuck at school late marking papers, Ms. Lane decides to let off some steam and masturbate in the girls bathroom. Coincidentally, late-studying student Danny D has the exact same idea. The two bust each other getting off and decide help each other out by

  • Popular Horny Schoolgirl vs Perverted Teacher

    Horny Schoolgirl vs Perverted Teacher

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    Anya is late with her art project and her teacher Mr. Ash is pissed off. Anya is apologetic as she slips him her “art project:” a series of naked pictures of herself taken in his house! Mr. Ash can’t believe his eyes. He could get in a l

  • Popular Teacher's Revenge

    Teacher's Revenge

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    Gigi Allens used to date her student's father. During a parent teacher conference, Gigi does what any rational teacher would do to get back at an ex: she fucks his son.

  • Popular Big Tits On The Bottom Bunk

    Big Tits On The Bottom Bunk

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    Boys aren’t allowed in the women's dorms at Brazzers U, but that doesn’t stop Dlyan from having a study session with Danny D in her dorm room. They take a break so Danny can play with her perfect tits, but soon they're interrupted when Dylan's

  • Popular College Midterm Stress Release

    College Midterm Stress Release

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    Peta is hard up for cash and owes a lot of tuition. Seeing how midterms cause a lot of stress amongst her fellow students, she decides to offer “stress release” service out of her dorm room in residence. Seeing how lucrative that biz is, she a

  • Popular Graduation Day

    Graduation Day

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    It was exhausting, but Alexis Adams managed to wait all the way until graduation day to fuck Professor Mick Blue. Finally, after years of staring at those big natural boobs, and hiding his boner underneath his desk, Prof. Blue got the chance to rip those

  • Popular A Hallway Humping

    A Hallway Humping

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    There's no talking in the dean's office, so Jessy Jones is going to have to find another way of asking Keisha Grey to show him her big natural tits. After passing a few notes he convinces this badgirl to get down on her knees and suck his hard cock like t

  • Popular Freaks And Geeks And Teets

    Freaks And Geeks And Teets

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    It's Rachel's first day of university and she's so excited! She can't wait to make friends. But her new roomie Christy is a hardcore slut, always letting her tits hang out and stealing Rachel's dates! It's time for Rachel to learn what college is really a

  • Popular Red Head RIDE!

    Red Head RIDE!

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    The school announces that there will be auditions for a student to address the whole student body every morning! Nikki and Faye both really want that! However, Nikki is a plain old geek! And Faye is a smoking hot babe with big tits! Nikki does a makeover

  • Popular Are You Staring At Your Teacher's Tits

    Are You Staring At Your Teacher's Tits

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    With a professor as smokin' hot as Dr. Monique Alexander, it's no wonder Mick daydreams his way through every lecture. The sight of her huge tits busting out of her blouse gets him fantasizing about rubbing his face between those ripe melons and motorboat

  • Popular Famous Anus

    Famous Anus

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    You ever think in your wildest dreams that Nikki, Nikki fucking Benz, would take it in ass? Well feast your eyes on her famous anus in this wild tale of sex and intrigue in the bowels of the school gymnasium. No cheerleader can make the squad unless she c

  • Popular Oral Presentation

    Oral Presentation

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    Tyler's oral presentation has him shaking in his jeans, so his teacher Dava Foxx gives him a little extra advice: "just imagine your audience naked." Taking that old adage to the next level, this erotic educator bares all, showing off her big titties and

  • Popular The Slutty Professor

    The Slutty Professor

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    Professor Farrah Dahl's colleague in the lab has never seemed to notice her interest, despite her her very thirsty ways. To make her fantasy of taking Jessy's cock between her big tits cum to life, Farrah worked long hours in the lab developing a special

  • Popular Exchange of Favors

    Exchange of Favors

    by Admin Added 37k Views / 0 Likes

    When school slut Katrina Jade needs some math homework, who does she turn to? None other than the school nerd Danny D! Danny's ready to hand over his homework, but only for a price: her sexy white panties! Katrina gives him that and more, shoving his head

  • Popular College and Cuffs

    College and Cuffs

    by Admin Added 6,298 Views / 0 Likes

    Alexis Adams is a slutty schoolgirl, always getting hauled off campus by security for causing trouble and flashing her all-natural teen tits. But when she gets hauled into pervy old Dean Sins' office, she knows she's got a golden opportunity to get out of

  • Popular How To Bang Your Teacher

    How To Bang Your Teacher

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    Jesse gets a lesson in going balls deep in teacher's beaver, as he fucks Ms. Austin silly with his long dong. This erotic educator takes her naughty student by the dick and rides him reverse cowgirl, providing an up close and personal showing of her wet p

  • Popular Cheating To Get Head

    Cheating To Get Head

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    Logan Pierce and Loni Evans have one last chance to pass their big exit exam, and Logan is convinced that this time he's going to ace it. Loni, on the other hand, is a little more worried! After some unsuccessful attempts to copy answers off of Logan's pa

  • Popular Vote For the School Slut President

    Vote For the School Slut President

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    The race for student president was fierce, with Danny D competing for votes with everything he had. But how was a nerd like Danny going to stand any chance of competing against a stacked, big-tit hottie like Kimberly Kendall? When Kimberly stood up in fro

  • Popular 21 Hump Street

    21 Hump Street

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    Officer Mountain is on an undercover assignment in a highschool to bust badass teen Kennedy Leigh for selling black market penis pills. Danny may be the youngest officer at the precinct, but he's also the one with the biggest cock, and when he catches Ken

  • Popular Sybian Schoolgirl

    Sybian Schoolgirl

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    Karlee Grey is the most obnoxious teacher's pet Mr Sins has ever seen in all his years in the classroom. To teach her a lesson, Mr. Sins challenged her to deliver her book report with a vibrating Sybian machine humming away between her legs. Karlee was do

  • Popular I'm All Yours, Do Your Worst

    I'm All Yours, Do Your Worst

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    Naughty Gabriella has been tempting her professor during class time, and he's had enough. When all her attempts at getting that hard teacher dick go ignored, this saucy student sends Prof. Ribas a note, asking him to join her in the classroom. Following t

  • Popular The Terms of Summer

    The Terms of Summer

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    When Ritchie delivers pointless drivel in his creative writing class, his blonde bombshell of a teacher, Summer, comes up with an extra credit assignment that'll help him find his voice. After teasing his cock in the bathroom, sultry Summer leaves him a n

  • Popular Librarian Needs A Licking

    Librarian Needs A Licking

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    It was just pure luck that Xander Corvus got the inside scoop of how the librarian Kendra's Lust passes the time during her shifts. After discovering Kendra with her legs spread and a vibrator humming away on her clit, Xander decided to dive in there with

  • Popular Piss Poor Pussy

    Piss Poor Pussy

    by Admin Added 9,519 Views / 0 Likes

    Poor innocent Miko just wants to take a piss in private, but the prim princess is caught off guard by the class badgirl Cassidy. Too proper to relieve herself with someone in the room, Miko feigns dirty hands and attempts to leave, but not before she's st

  • Popular Teen & Mom School Slut Stories Part Two

    Teen & Mom School Slut Stories Part Two

    by Admin Added 42.9k Views / 0 Likes

    After Lily Love and her boyfriend Brick got busted boning in the women's room, Lily's stepmom Eva Notty knew what she had to do to keep her stepdaughter out of trouble. Instructing Lily to get on her knees and suck his cock, Eva buried Mr. Sins' face betw

  • Popular City School Gangbang

    City School Gangbang

    by Admin Added 25.7k Views / 0 Likes

    Alena Croft takes her career as a substitute teacher very seriously, but when she gets assigned to an entire classroom full of big black cocks, her slutty side takes over! Dropping to her knees in the center of a circle of fat dicks, Alena takes her time

  • Popular The Hardest Exam

    The Hardest Exam

    by Admin Added 17.6k Views / 0 Likes

    Jessy Jones would have flunked out of ZZ Academy years ago if not for his father the Dean bailing him out all the time. Monique Alexander is sick of the favoritism, and wants to make sure he fails his last exam, so she turns to the one tactic that never f

  • Popular Things Are Getting Out Of Hand Part One

    Things Are Getting Out Of Hand Part One

    by Admin Added 7,879 Views / 0 Likes

    Ike's wife Jelena has been suspicious of his relationship with his student Karlee Grey ever since she caught them flirting. She doesn't like leaving them alone, but Ike assures her everything will be fine and then sends her on her way. It's not that easy