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Search Results: "Tiffany Blake"

  • Popular Buns and Wieners

    Buns and Wieners

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    Tiffany Blake is hungry for some big dick and some lunch, so she heads down to the local hot dog stand and practices on some wieners, trying to imagine them as huge cocks being shoved deep down her throat. Tiffany is trying really hard not to make a mess,

  • Plumper Pass-Bedroom with Tiffany

    Plumper Pass-Bedroom with Tiffany

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    Tiffany Blake is home and waiting for her husband to come home. She's horny and is in need of her pussy getting penetrated. Juan Largo come in and she give him a hot rub down. This big tity bbw gets him hard and blows his cock. She takes her time and gets

  • Popular Plumper Pass-Lovely In Latex

    Plumper Pass-Lovely In Latex

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    Tiffany Blake's marriage has hit the rocks. Things have gotten so bad that she had to see a marriage counselor. As she starts to describe her marriage and her sex life, Tiffany starts to fantasize about her sexual needs. Next thing you know a masked indiv

  • Popular Plumper-Pass-Titty Tiffany

    Plumper-Pass-Titty Tiffany

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    Tiffany Blake needed to borrow a dress from her sister, but it turns out she's not home. So her boyfriend Joey lets Tiffany in to look in her sister's closet. While Tiffany is trying on a few things Joey decides to sneak a peek. Tiffany catches him and fu

  • Popular Plumper-Pass-Sexy Revenge

    Plumper-Pass-Sexy Revenge

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    It turns out Juan Largo went to high school with Tiffany Blake. Juan was pretty popular with the ladies but never paid much attention to Tiffany, in fact he wasn't very nice to her. Now that Tiffany is all grown up and sexy as fuck she decides to seduce h

  • Popular Plumper-Pass-A Dix to Cry On

    Plumper-Pass-A Dix to Cry On

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    Tiffany Blake was in shock when she opened her husband's suitcase to find underwear that weren't hers and a receipt for dinner for two. In a fit of rage she decides to call Jimmy over, her husband's best friend to console her. But after some tender love a

  • Popular Plumper Pass-Interracial Agency

    Plumper Pass-Interracial Agency

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    Tiffany Blake runs one of the biggest modeling agencies down in Miami. One of her clients is looking for a big black stud to head the new interracial sex campaign. After an afternoon of lame interviews, Jack Black comes walking in, a tall, built stud who

  • Popular Plumper Pass-After School Threesome

    Plumper Pass-After School Threesome

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    Betty Bang and Tarzan are stuck in detention but both are incredibly horny and unable to focus. So when the teacher, Tiffany Blake, has her back turned, Betty starts stroking on Tarzan´s dick. Then when she has to leave for a minute they start fucki

  • Popular Plumper Pass-Big Babes Stretching Hard

    Plumper Pass-Big Babes Stretching Hard

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    Nothing is better that two big babes waiting to get their fat pussies ripped. Tiffany Blake and Ava Doll have a hot day ahead of them, they stretch out in the sun, those hot big jugs and those big sexy thighs are getting warmed up. Bruno and Tony come thr

  • Popular Plumper Pass –BBW Big Sister

    Plumper Pass –BBW Big Sister

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    Tiffany Blake is getting ready for a night out at a bachelorette party. She gets all sexy for a good time and walks over to the meeting spot on the dock. On her way she runs into an old friend from the past. It was her sisters ex boyfriend, she finally ha